How to Get Motivated on Monday


Monday is the second day of the week and takes its name from the moon. It is a great day to set intentions and get your work session started with integrity.

Getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising can all boost your mood on Mondays. Try to practice these healthy habits on a regular basis.

It’s the start of a new week

As you’ve probably guessed, Monday is the start of a new week. It’s also the first workday after a weekend of rest and relaxation. Because of this, many people experience a case of the Monday blues, and it’s no wonder why!

The word Monday comes from the Latin “mona” which means moon. It’s also similar to the French lune and other Romance languages’ lunes. The word Tuesday is derived from Tiu, the Anglo-Saxon name for Tyr, a Norse god of war. Tyr is related to the Norse god Odin and the Roman god Mars, so this connection is easy to understand.

However, the day you consider to be the beginning of the week varies depending on your culture and religion. This is because there are different calendars that depend on world religions. Nevertheless, most countries follow the International Standard for the Representation of Dates and Time (ISO 8601). The ISO 8601 was created in order to standardize dates and times across the world.

It’s a day of rest

Unlike the other days of the week, Monday isn’t named after an ancient, one-handed Norse god or a powerful god who fashioned humanity (like Wednesday). Instead, it’s named after the most recognizable object in our sky: the moon.

A lot of people dread Mondays because they’re the first day of the work week. However, Mondays are a great time to set your intentions for the workweek ahead.

Make a game plan for the week—set your goals, eat healthy and exercise regularly, and update your to-do list or journal.

Preparing for the week ahead also means picking out your outfits on Sunday night, a simple step that’ll prevent a fashion disaster Monday morning. Plus, wearing an outfit that makes you feel good boosts your mood and portrays a positive, professional outlook to start the day.

It’s a day of reflection

The National Day of Reflection is a chance for the nation to remember those who died during the pandemic, show support for people whose grief was disrupted by lockdown and to help build a new society. The day is spearheaded by the end of life charity Marie Curie alongside 70 supporting organisations, and will include a minute’s silence at midday, daffodils (real, drawn or painted) being placed on doorstops as a symbol of hope and a series of free online talks featuring people who are bereaved.

In many languages Monday is referred to as the second day of the week, such as in Latin (dies lunae) and the romance languages (lunes in French, lundi in Italian). This is an ecclesiastical name that retains its use in the Orthodox Church. The corresponding Hebrew name is yom sheni (vm SHny). Mondays are also considered to be days of prayer for the angels. This is why some Eastern monasteries fast on Mondays.

It’s a day of motivation

Getting motivated on Monday morning can be tough, especially after a weekend of sleeping-in and restful days. Coffee and money won’t cut it – you need inspiration, motivation and persistence to get over the hump.

If you’re born on a Monday, you like hands-on work and are not afraid of long-term goals. In addition, you are good with money and can easily take risks in your business efforts. You also enjoy working with people and can be highly productive when you’re focused on your tasks.

The number one resonates with Monday because of its association with the moon. It corresponds to the Waxing Moon Tarot card, which is associated with a new beginning and growth. Numerology also puts two under the lunar dominance, and this can be beneficial when weighing decisions. The number two represents harmony within and without. Monday is also the day of the week in Latin (dies lunae) and Romance languages (lunes, lundi). The grammatical similarity between mon- and moon makes the word easy to remember.


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