Best Smartwatch With ECG and Blood Pressure Monitoring Features

best smartwatch with ecg and blood pressure

If you are looking for a smartwatch with ECG and blood pressure monitoring features, you can check out the FDA-approved Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. It has several health-based functions including ECG, Blood oxygen level, Heart rate tracking, and fall detection.

It can detect atrial fibrillation using PPG sensors and has algorithms that analyze data. It can also measure your blood pressure by inflating a cuff built into its band.

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple’s latest model offers some advanced health monitoring features that make it the clear choice for those who want more out of their wearable. The Apple Watch Series 6 adds blood oxygen monitoring and an always-on altimeter, along with the S6 chip and a new battery technology. It is available in a variety of cases, finishes and colors, including a Hermes version.

Using LEDs to sense how well your body is fuelled with oxygen, the sensor works in much the same way as a pulse oximeter. It also monitors how hard you fall and automatically calls emergency services if it detects that you haven’t moved for a long period of time.

A slightly bigger screen means that the always-on display is 2.5 times brighter outdoors, and you can now set a sleep routine, track your activity and ping your iPhone to get notifications when you’re not near it. The Series 6 also has a built-in compass, a faster battery and a new feature called Quiet Alert that warns you when your decibel levels exceed safe limits.

Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch series can track both blood pressure and ECG thanks to a new software update. As long as you calibrate the device using the Samsung Health Monitor app on your phone and wear it correctly (snug, not tight) during a comfortable sit while wearing a cuff, it can provide readings that closely match those of an authentic medical monitor.

These readings aren’t meant to replace those of a doctor, but rather serve as an extra piece of data that can help you identify trends early and seek treatment before your condition becomes worse. The feature also works with a skin temperature sensor on the watch’s back that can detect early signs of sickness such as high heart rate or low oxygen levels.

The ECG and blood pressure tracking features work with any Android smartphone running Android 8 or later and paired via Samsung’s Health Monitor app. However, unlike Apple’s WatchOS, the Galaxy’s BioActive sensor and ECG feature only pair with Samsung phones.

Fitbit Sense 2

If you want a souped-up fitness tracker with advanced health features, the Fitbit Sense 2 is one of the best choices available. It has a ton of useful tracking stats including skin temperature and trending, blood oxygen saturation, sleep analysis and ECG readings. Plus it has built-in GPS, Fitbit Pay and the ability to take and hear on-wrist phone calls.

The Sense 2 also upgrades the original Sense’s EDA sensor to a cEDA sensor and improves its stress-tracking capabilities by notifying you of minuscule changes in your heart rate via an onscreen notification. The Sense 2 also adds a physical button that makes it easier to navigate and access apps, settings and shortcuts.

The Sense 2’s design is also a big improvement over the original, although it still feels a bit boxy when compared to other high-end smartwatches like the Pixel Watch and Apple Watch Series 8. It has a light, curved glass face with aluminum sides and plastic underside. Battery life is solid too, at six days.

Withings Smartwatch

The ScanWatch Horizon has a unique feature in that it can detect atrial fibrillation with its ECG sensor and also has FDA clearance for measuring blood oxygen levels. However, it requires a prescription and your first EKG results must be reviewed by a medical professional.

Withings has a solid reputation in the health and fitness world, so it’s no surprise that their latest product packs a punch. With the ScanWatch, you’ll get continuous heart rate monitoring, on-demand ECG and SpO2 tracking, a sleep apnea detection sensor and in-depth activity and sleep tracking.

Like other smartwatches in this review, the ScanWatch has a small PMOLED display that handles smartphone notifications and a set of physical watch hands that indicate the time. But the real action happens on your iPhone or Android phone, which connects to the ScanWatch via Bluetooth Low Energy. The Health Mate app displays all the data you’ll need and can give you extra motivation to hit your fitness goals.


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